It has been over half a century, that Thai paint and coating company under the brand “Beger” established in year 1961, manufacturing and distributing “Beger Wood Coating” products under slogan “Paint Innovator for better world, better life.” With determination of committed to develop innovative, high-quality with world-class technology in all products, while giving conscious priority to environmentally for better living standards of Thailand and corporate social responsibility.

More than effort, Beger created

Outstanding product

Path to Success of Beger, Thai paint company, become number 1 in consumers’ mind for over decades. We continue to develop world class innovative products, under theme “Eco-Wellness Innovation” for better quality of life, environmentally friendly, healthy of users, resulting in all Beger products portfolio markedly different and sustainable through a unique clear features of Beger’s.

Color retention

Beger paints have color retention 15 year

Energy saving

Energy saving up to 25% you need to use

Heat and UV reflection

Heat and uv reflection up to 94 94%

Anti dirt & warter streak mark

Anti dirt & warter streak mark

All Problem has

Smart solutions


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