Beger…. Today’s Future Paint

Practical Innovation for sustainable living

It has been over half a century, that Thai paint and coating company under the brand “Beger” established in year 1961, manufacturing and distributing “Beger Wood Coating” products under slogan “Paint Innovator for better world, better life.” With determination of committed to develop innovative, high-quality with world-class technology in all products, while giving conscious priority to environmentally for better living standards of Thailand and corporate social responsibility.

Path to Success of Beger, Thai paint company, become number 1 in consumers’ mind for over decades. We continue to develop world class innovative products, under theme “Eco-Wellness Innovation” for better quality of life, environmentally friendly, healthy of users, resulting in all Beger products portfolio markedly different and sustainable through a unique clear features of Beger’s.

Beger Products portfolio

Decorative Paints

Wood Coating

Heavy Duty Coating

Contruction Phemicals

Special Paints

Beger group using modern computer system to control production process, with a capacity over 40-50 million liters per year. By giving priority to the development of manufacturing processes together with environmental concerns, such as water treatment, waste management and controlled production systems, those do not adversely affect and impact on the community and environment, and a grand warehouse, well management system as well as most effective distribution process & system


Ensure our Beger group become a leading innovative paint for better life, better world.

Services and Solutions

More than 1,500 Beger Color Design Center nationwide service with high technology tinting machine, available more than 10,000 shades.
Color Design Services provide color design, only send us your floor plan and desire color, the rest leave it to our professional interior designer, free of charge.
More than 4,000 dealers available for customers’ convenience.
Technical Team & Smart Solution (pre and post sales services)
1. Consultant for color and trend
2. Hotline for paint and services via Beger Call Center
3. Post sales service by our professional technical services and engineer.

To participate in the Social development and quality of life continues, Beger has organized social activities in a sustainable project, “Beger Be Happy – Beger colors of happiness” is intended to support the creation and the beginning of collaboration for social responsibility according to the policies and ideologies. As part of its commitment to sustainable business practices, Beger group as a principles to promote social responsibility continues and to raise awareness to employees at all levels to recognize the importance of social and environmental responsibility, attention to every manufacturing process for more environmentally friendly to reintegration smiles into society.

Today, Beger Group is not only paint and coating manufacturer, but flying high as an professional expertises, always experiences, and creating practical innovations, for better living, committed to be the best company in focus differentiation through practical innovation for the best customer satisfaction.